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Wefox: Revolutionizing insurance

We joined forces with Wefox - an innovative insurance company, to make a positive difference. Wefox’s mission is to simplify insurance processes, making them accessible to everyone.

We improved their platform, making it more efficient and user-friendly for partners, and allowing their development team to focus on priority tasks.

We also helped Wefox explore new growth opportunities, showing we’re committed to their success. Together, we made Wefox better and supported their vision of revolutionizing the insurance industry.




Software development








Wefox faced a challenge when their Policy API team was dealing with lots of bugs and small fixes, making it hard to focus on important tasks. They needed a reliable partner to help with these problems and support their growth plans.

That's when we stepped in, using our shared values and skills to provide the assistance Wefox needed, allowing them to keep making a difference in the insurance industry.


We teamed up with Wefox to handle unique challenges faced by stakeholders, using Node.js, MongoDB, Redis, and Elastic. Our team members fixed issues and shared insights to avoid similar problems. We developed a small application to validate Wefox's Italy expansion project. Our expertise improved platform stability, efficiency, and data accuracy. Our collaboration allowed Wefox to focus on priority tasks and achieve their goals.

As we collaborated, Wefox planned to expand into Italy. We changed our strategy and concentrated on developing an easy-to-use app to keep track of the project's progress before adding it to Wefox's system. Our teamwork played a significant role in their growth and success in new markets. Together, we made Wefox better and supported their vision of revolutionizing the insurance industry.

Our technical debt was a ticking bomb. It was starting to slow our releases down, we couldn't prioritise it and it only kept growing. I'm really glad that we partnered with The Crafters Lab to solve it. They worked side by side with our engineers to identify and fix all the issues efficiently. I'm looking forward to partner again with them in the future.




Some of our finest work.

Key technology partner

Grup Flaix, a popular radio station in Catalonia, lacked an in-house engineering team, requiring a technological partner to help with their digital transformation needs.


2023 - Present

Business process management

We worked with Wattwin integrating Camunda BPM into their UI, making it user-friendly and seamless. Helping customers to introduce logic or integrate external systems based on CRM triggers.


2022 - Present

Node.js consultancy

The software development agency MarsBased, experts in Ruby on Rails, needed a team with expertise in Node.js to support them in a technology-specific product. We were that team.


2021 - 2023

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