Case Study

Wefox API development

We are proud to have contributed to Wefox's success by developing and scaling, in partnership with their team, their policy distribution API, which has been instrumental in helping their partners obtain quotes, offers and make policy applications. Our team worked tiressly to ensure that the platform was bug-free, efficient and user-friendly.

About Wefox

Wefox, a 3x unicorn insurance startup from Berlin, is revolutionizing the insurance sector by simplifying processes and delivering exceptional customer service. We started working together because they already knew us as a team and knew that we were a reliable choice.

“Our technical debt was a ticking bomb. It was starting to slow our releases down, we couldn't prioritise it and it only kept growing. I'm really glad that we partnered with The Crafters Lab to solve it. They worked side by side with our engineers to identify and fix all the issues efficiently. I'm looking forward to partner again with them in the future.”

Oriol Querol Mas – Product Owner at Wefox

Our Challenge

The development team of the Wefox Policy API had to deal with a large number of bugs and small improvements that were systematically slowing down development speed in other crucial parts of the platform.

Additionally, if new necessary developments arise, our team had to take care of the new developments to ensure that the main policy team does not lose focus.

Be a new squad was part of the solution

We began as a new squad for Wefox with the main objective of investigating, debugging, and solving the unusual problems encountered by stakeholders. We allocated incidents to our team members and, once resolved, explained to the main policy team what had occurred and how it could be prevented in the future.

During our relationship, the need arose to do research related to a series of integrations with the aim of expanding to Italy. As a result, we divided our efforts and a portion of our team focused solely on developing a small application to validate the status of the project that had to be integrated into Wefox.

Technologies used

The technology used included Node.js for the API and new integrations, MongoDB as the database, Redis for caching, and Elastic as the search engine.

We are specialized in these technologies, which happen to be the ones the client has already implemented.

Actual Value Delivered

We fixed a lot of issues that had been on the platform for a long time, and made it more stable and efficient We worked hard to enable the main policy development team to focus on more critical tasks, thereby improving their overall development experience.

We also created an internal tool for validating the accuracy of the data for the new Italy integration whenever necessary.