outperform expectations


We transform development teams around the world into high-performance teams.

With our transformation methodology, we show that there is an alternative to unmotivated software teams with an special focus on the remote reality.

top performant mindset

Make remote work for your software team

Many teams want to be remote high-performing but just some of them reach this state. We now what makes the difference and how to help a team to be at its best.
team transformation

Enable your teams to communicate better, being faster and more efficient

Team transformation will accelerate your organization performance. Reduce time-to-market time.

Break the remote barrier

We apply specific tools and methologies for software engineers

1. Pair & Mob Programming

Pair programming is a simple concept, two developers team together on one computer. We will show your team who how to work in a trully collaborative and focused environment.

2. Breaking Complexity Spikes

With timeboxed spikes your team will start delivering and iterating sooner. Setting business metrics over the deliverables will allow you to build the right thing.

3. Empowering sessions

Each session uses a chapter from a book as a jumping-off point for a wide-ranging discussion about software development practices. We will drive your team through the right transformational lectures.

4. Lightning Talks

PechaKucha talks to share progress with colleagues. We like to share stories and learn together. We show you how to practice communicating skills with your team in a friendly way.

5. Useful Metrics

Determine those metrics that make the software generate more impact in the bussiness.

6. C-Level Communication

Ease bottom-up conversations. We create spaces to bring transparency between teams and executives.


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