Improving a legacy system of a global company in partnership with MarsBased



Partnership with MarsBased

We had the opportunity to collaborate with MarsBased to enhance the performance of a large company platform that was running on outdated databases. Our team identified each performance bottleneck and introduced targeted improvements to optimize the system’s functionality and the user experience.

MarsBased, a software agency headquartered in Barcelona, is a well-established player in the Ruby on Rails and Angular space. They have ventured into Node.js and React as well.

We were thrilled when they reached out to us, citing our reputation for excellence and commitment to quality work. One of our team members had collaborated with MarsBased in the past, which contributed to our rapport.

We were entrusted with a project that perfectly aligns with our area of expertise, and we feel honored to be part of it. Our team will work closely with MarsBased to take the project to the next level.




Software development






The client is a Fortune 500 organization with over 50,000 employees. However, due to the accpdate umulation of outdated systems over time, they face a challenge in modernizing their infrastructure at a fast pace.

After conducting a research, we discovered the need for a search engine since the platform would need always to query databases with an outdated architecture that had grown over time without proper maintenance. By doing that, we could provide a better response time and work with the that databases in the background.


The previous project team did an incredible job of analyzing the database to determine which data was relevant and which was not. We continued their work and began implementing a search engine in the project.

By leveraging the power of our constantly updated database - despite its complexity - our search engine delivers a significantly improved response speed compared to our previous method

After completing that step, we could then focus on managing the various behavioral exceptions that the platform needed to display the data as requested by the end customer.


Some of our finest work.

Key technology partner

Grup Flaix, a popular radio station in Catalonia, lacked an in-house engineering team, requiring a technological partner to help with their digital transformation needs.


2023 - Present

Business process management

We worked with Wattwin integrating Camunda BPM into their UI, making it user-friendly and seamless. Helping customers to introduce logic or integrate external systems based on CRM triggers.


2022 - Present

Policy distribution API

We helped Wefox to develop and scale their policy distribution API, used by their partners in order to obtain quotes, offers and make policy applications.


2021 - 2022

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